Hi Everyone,

I am Zeus Helios, and it is my pleasure in being able to invite you into my journey of truly discovering oneself, and unity.

I am a lineage geometric carrier and energy portal creator, which means, in summary, I have been passed down / entrusted, through advanced spiritual healers, the initiation and teachings of the Supernatural and have added my own philosophies and advancements to the field. The way I operate is that I connect to your spirit and create personal portals to help you unite with yourself! My work includes: poetry, art, sacred geometry, films, and more. I also bring people together through various forms of art, sacred meditation techniques, healing exhibitions and workshops.

Here are many products that can assist you in re-discovering self-discovery! These designs have been carefully crafted over many years and have been created while being in ritualistic personal spiritual ceremonies such as: Sufi whirling and drumming (physically active meditation sessions), Heart Centric Meditation (HCM), Non-existence Meditation (NEM), Energetic Portal Creation (channel accessor for spiritual beings / spiritual medium) and Shifting of Reality (SOR) exercises.


For many years, I have been working towards and creating a series of eleven Master Portal paintings.

The paintings are each created as I enter “into” a state of nothingness; which is basically, a state of deep serenity and total mindfulness! To enter this state, I practice ancient Shamanic rituals and meditations showed to me by my Grandparents and multiple teachers along this journey. These paintings are to be exhibited around the world to awaken people; They have already been exhibited all over Canada, in different galleries!


I would love to help You! Please feel free to explore what’s the best service option for you!


By connecting to your soul energy, a personal digital portal is created for you! The colours and designs vary from individual to individual based on their aura, personal vibration, thought patterns and what Chakras need activating. Time duration for the Custom Portal process is Approx.: 14 days

***Please don’t drink or use any mind altering substances 3 days prior to your session. The consultation can be done over Skype, FaceTime, or in person; if you are In the area. 


Radiates Positive Energy Throughout the Atmosphere

Provides Easier Connection to Oneself

Mood Improvement & Calmness 

Improved Meditation Experiences

Tier 1: Reading + Design + Digital Canvas Print

Price: $899

Tier 2: Reading + Design + Digital Image Download

Price: $699

Team Building and Meditation Workshops

My workshops are fun, educating, rejuvenating and are full of laughter and Joy! They create a long term positive connection between individuals, and oneself!


Helps Build Connections Between Employees & Individuals

Creates a Healthier & Happier Work Environment

Improves Efficiency at Work

Creates an Office Culture & a Sense of Belonging


A Portal design for your flooring needs or development can be created to anchor positive energies into the premises!


Creates a Positive Balance in Your Home

Easier Connection to Oneself

Improves Mood

Better Meditation Experience


Ask Zeus Any of Your Personal Questions!


$99 Per Hour

Assist / Help You Gain Clarity on Relationships & Life

$99 Per Hour

Personal Mantras

$99 Per Hour


Sometimes all we need is a minor reminder to manifest how amazing we truly are!

The following products are created by yours truly, to uplift and make you feel good, because you are an amazing, unique, and beautiful multi-dimensional being!

Apparel | Cases & Skins | Wall Art | Home Decor Bags | Stationery


Mantras are created in a state of ecstasy, and union with the self. They are very powerful forms of affirmations, and have a better effect, in my opinion! My goal is to show you how to create your own mantras, using your own beautiful voice, for optimum results!

Poems of Unity

Beautiful poems can create for you, a sense of ecstasy! When recited from another human being, it is profoundly more mesmerizing and fulfilling. Mesmerize yourself by video poems recited by beautiful people!

Portal Video Activators

With rituals and unifying shapes, these videos are carefully crafted to give you a stronger and more natural connection to oneself. It uses Activator Portal Geometry (my secret), calming Music and is very effective at opening certain Chakras!

These Video interviews present the life journey of other people, just like you and I, who are on the same path to greater self-discovery. This section shares other individual experiences with Zeus Helios and members!


These Video interviews present the life journey of other people, just like you and I, who are on the same path to greater self-discovery. This section shares other individual experiences with Zeus Helios and members!


* I would love to hear more about you and your goals, feel free to email me with any question that you may have in regards to a session or service. *